Fragile by appearance. Sturdy by nature.

Smilga by Linas Kutavičius.

You may feel an urge to call it a lamp, but it was synthesised to the bare essential - the light itself. There’s nothing else you can see. It comes as a narrow but sturdy fiberglass tube, all filled with bright light that spreads in all directions.

Smilga lights are extremely versatile. Due to their shape they can easily be arranged in many ways to adapt to your personal creative vision. Multiple mounting options expand the possibilities even further.

Smilga lights offer a dynamic experience - they can react to sound and change colors, and are fully programmable. The lights can be connected into a network and act as one living organism.

The shape is so elegant, that it may look deceptively fragile, but they are actually sturdy enough to hold a person. Moreover, they can survive outside in harsh climates and are fully resistant to wind, rain and ice.

Smilga. Fragile by appearance. Sturdy by nature.
Much better than the other way around, right?

By Žygimantas Kudirka

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